During the Covid-19 pandemic, our school remained closed for 3 months with no income and no allowance! With the resumption of our activities, few members have returned to training, with the natural consequence that the costs cannot be paid and the school's survival in the summer months is questionable. For this reason, we have added a "button" for offers on our website. Each offer will help us overcome this difficult period.

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Is there fear of injury in Aikido;
Any art or sport that requires physical effort involves the possibility of injury.
The Aikido as a martial art is quite safe.

To avoid injuries, practitioners are good to follow the trainer's instructions to the letter, but also some basic rules.
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Is Aikido a good physical exercise;
Training in Aikido contributes to fitness and physical health as it has all the characteristics of an intense physical activity.

Exercise helps in the development of aerobic and anaerobic capacity, and to strengthen the cardiorespiratory system.

Besides the physical benefits, the advantages of dealing with the Aikido is to create calm and balanced people, symvalontas on growth and development of self-confidence, composure, sobriety of thought and calm intense light conditions.
Are there Aikido combats?

Aikido has no combats.

The training in Aikido mount in collaborative and not competitive.
Aikido is not a sport.

Using the training methods of the traditional Japanese martial arts contributing to the physical and mental development and does not focus on victory and the championship.
How long does it take for someone to gain the black belt;
The time required to obtain the black belt (1st Dan - Shodan) a practitioner depends on the frequency of the practice and the individual.
But progress in Aikido is continuous and progress of each person different.
Perhaps the answer O'Shensei to this question was "what is the duration of your life?"
Why there is training of weapons in Aikido;
There are several reasons for the use of weapons in place of training unless addressing attacks with weapons.

Practicing with weapons contribute to better understanding and preservation of the distance, time and space between the trainees, facilitating the understanding of the general principles of Aikido movement. I

t provides the practitioner the opportunity to develop a kind of responsiveness and sensitivity to the movements and actions of others, in a format that is usually highly structured.
Will a woman be able to compete with a guy at Aikido;
No competition, no distinction of age or sex on training in Aikido.
The exercise can be performed with equal efficacy, irrespective of age, sex and physical strength.
Often women find the Aikido suitable for learning as Aikido does not rely on muscle power.

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