During the Covid-19 pandemic, our school remained closed for 3 months with no income and no allowance! With the resumption of our activities, few members have returned to training, with the natural consequence that the costs cannot be paid and the school's survival in the summer months is questionable. For this reason, we have added a "button" for offers on our website. Each offer will help us overcome this difficult period.

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Aikido for kids

Aikido for kids

Why a child will choose Aikido?
Aikido is by definition a non-violent martial art of self-defense. What does this mean?
Children brought to the art are not encouraged to apply the techniques they learn to friends or siblings without apparent reason. The practice of Aikido starts from the moment someone attacks.


The Aikido teaches children to be calm and disciplined, which will help and outside their workout life as they learn to focus on the fulfillment of the obligations and duties whenever called upon to fulfill.

The tranquility that stems from the philosophy of Aikido is a key advantage of art unlike other martial arts.


The Aikido teaches kids practical self defense, using the balance in combination with safe disconnection of the aggressor. The application of self-defense practice is effective even in very young children.


The Aikido inspire children to face with positive feelings the world and society in general.


The Aikido contributes to the progress of children in school. Through training, children develop and cultivate a sense of calm, accentuated their perceptual ability, while helping to have a clear mind.

Therefore, children are more susceptible to recruitment knowledge and understanding of existing more clearly.


Aikido is a traditional martial art teaches children the principles of self-control,discipline, selfless contribution and respect the neighbor.
It gives confidence and even the most sensitive, introverted or weak children, through training learn to channel their energy in a positive way to society.


The benefits of Aikido for children
Children brought in AIKIDO develop physical and mental perception and learn to work together and to respect others.


Aikido is an important aid in the formation of the child's character.


It contributes greatly to the development of self-discipline and self-confidence.

The teaching
In our school the aikido taught at ages 5 years and older.


Training is based on the toy, through which children are guided in learning physical skills and techniques, so knowledge is acquired effortlessly.


The teaching is based on teamwork and fun.
For this, the older or experience children are encouraged to help younger, and through this process, together they develop their skills.


Ages 12-17 are crucial in a child’s development.

As they make the transition to adulthood, they face a variety of challenges. From societal influences to overwhelming physical and emotional growth, it’s a great time for them to tap into their calm, powerful inner strength to get them through the confusion and frustration that phase of their life brings.

Aikido provides a venue unlike any other to learn how to take risks, expand their comfort zone, and learn about their self as well as others.

Stepping on the mat and practicing aikido gives teens a break from the speedy, high-tech, instant gratification world. Here, they develop skills to settle, ground, and be a positive force in the world.

The dynamic, flowing techniques along with the philosophy and the supportive interactions with others during practice help prepare them to be positive members in our evolving society.

The dynamic of aikido is best understood by observing or participating in a class. If it makes as big of an impression on you as it has on us, we also offer a trial program to get started.